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Mayfield Management Group Ltd. will continue to promote and accept all other rental applications for the selected property until the following conditions have been met.

  • Application(s) have been fully completed and signed by each applicant.
  • Security Deposit has been received - in certified funds
  • All applications have allowed an authorized representative to view valid Photo I.D.

New to Canada? We require a:
  • Valid passport
  • Work or student visa

This is to inform you, the Applicant(s), that a credit investigation involving the statements, made by you, on this rental application, are being initiated. I/We (Applicant) certify that, to the best of my/our knowledge all statements are true and complete. I/We (Applicant) authorize Mayfield Management Group Ltd. and its representatives to obtain credit reports, employment reports, and to verify rental history as necessary to verify all information put forth in the above referenced Rental Application. I/We(Applicant) give consent to the Landlord or it's Agent for the release of my personal information, for any collection purpose, resulting from future rental arrears, outstanding balances, created as a result of my, or my guests, occupancy/tenancy with the landlord. I/We (Applicant) further agree to give consent to release my contact information to the Landlord or it's Agent to receive future offer's, promotions, and other reason(s) during or after my tenancy.



 A more complete application will be required at time of viewing if interested.